What is it?

Floorstyles is a floorwork class where movement, locomotion and dance-based floor elements are explored and fused as one to create a complete “new body language” on the floor.

How does it work?

Floorstyles classes are designed to work on floorwork elements and dance-based floor transitions.

Classes are OPEN LEVEL.

Classes are without the pole.

What will you learn?

You will learn different skills on the floor, while improving the body’s relationship with gravity on ground level, and intensifying the body’s connection with the floor. All this in a progressive, secure and fun way!

Woman exercising

What you need:

  • Sports clothes (e.g.: socks, leggings, t-shirt/long sleeve shirt, sport bra);

  • Knee pads;

  • 1 towel;

  • Water.

What you don’t need:


  • Don’t apply any lotion, oil or moisturizer on the day of class;

  • Don’t use rings, bracelets or clocks.